Donald Stewart: Assateague Island Con Man

In the annals of maritime history, there is probably no greater fraud than a story about a shipwreck called the San Lorenzo de Escorial. This story purported to solve a centuries old mystery about where the horses that run wild … Continue reading

Another sunken treasure hoax off the Delaware Coast

The Delaware coast is the graveyard for hundreds of shipwrecks. For centuries, ships coming in and out of Delaware Bay have had to run the gauntlet of treacherous sand bars, ocean currents, unpredictable weather and even pirates. In 1985, the … Continue reading

A Shipwreck, a Saint, and a Swindler

The Shipwreck of the Santa Rosalia by John Amrhein, Jr. It was the first week of June 1788, that the 300 ton ship called the Santa Rosalia arrived at Baltimore, Maryland, from Cadiz, Spain, captained by A. A. Pardenus. She … Continue reading