Treasure Fever, Fraud, and Sunken Riches

By John Amrhein, Jr. witness and SEA, Ltd. investor It was 1980 when I began my search for the Spanish warship, La Galga, which ran ashore on Assateague Island, Virginia, on September 5, 1750. After two years of research, I … Continue reading

The Case of H.M.S. Fowey: A Warship no more

H.M.S. Fowey, a British navy frigate of 44 guns, was wrecked in Biscayne Bay, June 26, 1748. After suffering the indignity of shipwreck at the hands of Mother Nature, the Fowey was stripped of her identity as a ship of … Continue reading

Another sunken treasure hoax off the Delaware Coast

The Delaware coast is the graveyard for hundreds of shipwrecks. For centuries, ships coming in and out of Delaware Bay have had to run the gauntlet of treacherous sand bars, ocean currents, unpredictable weather and even pirates. In 1985, the … Continue reading

The Bronze Cannon at the VMI Parapet

At the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, there are two mammoth-size bronze cannon of French design which were cast in the late seventeenth century. They have a very unique story which separates them from the smaller caliber guns which … Continue reading